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Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Detector

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Battery Type:

3 * LR03

Working Temperature:

-10 ~ 55°C

Working Humidity:

10% ~ 90%RH

Առկա է

Ընդհանուր նկարագրություն

NG-TH10 is a Wi-Fi temperature & humidity sensor for home security,

it can help you clearly know the changes of high accuracy temperature

and humidity on the screen display, which always create a cozy environment

for family. The Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree switch gives you more

freedom to choose your preference.

With the all-in-one smart home platform app NGTeco Home,

you can realize various of powerful and useful functions such as remote control,

customize different scenes, share joy with family. Furthermore, the detector

can work with Alexa and Google home devices, when your hands are holding

something or busy cooking, just say the commands and enjoy hands-free voice control.

NG-TH10 will perfectly suitable for monitoring villa, wine cellar, warehouse, etc.


  • ●  Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Detector
  • ●  Wireless Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • ●  Battery Type: 3 * LR03
  • ●  Voice Control: Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
  • ●  Working Temperature: -10 ~ 55°C
  • ●  Working Humidity: 10% ~ 90%RH
  • ●  Dimensions (W*L*D): 60x63x25 mm
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