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Wireless Remote IR Controller

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Infrared Frequency:


Infrared Distance:


Charging Port:

(no power adapter)

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Ընդհանուր նկարագրություն

NG-IR10 is a Wi-Fi remote infrared controller, which can fully control

air conditioners, TVs, fans, DVD players, STBs, and other infrared devices.

After that you can set the air conditioner temperature before you going home.

Furthermore, you can check the status of electrical switch even you are on a business trip

and control the devices with your family.

With the all-in-one smart home platform app NGTeco Home, you can realize

various of powerful and useful functions such as remote control, customize

different scenes. Most importantly, the controller can work with Alexa and

Google home devices, when your hands are holding something or busy cooking,

just say the commands and enjoy hands-free voice control.

NG-IR10 will perfectly suitable for villa, hotel, office, etc.


  • ●  Wi-Fi Smart Remote IR Controller
  • ●  Wireless Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • ●  Infrared Frequency: 38K
  • ●  Infrared Direction: multi-directional
  • ●  Infrared Distance: 10m (no obstacle)
  • ●  Charging Port: DC 5V/1A (no power adapter)
  • ●  Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C
  • ●  Dimensions (W*L*D): 70x70x20 mm
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